i’ve subconsciously been tallying up a whole set of reasons why i shouldn’t be writing:

one came to me last night
as i lay in bed, breathing slowly in and out
de-tensing my shoulders, my abdominal muscles,
my legs, all the way down to my

and all the while, words kept on spinning round
and round and
round and round
in my head like a labrador puppy trying to catch its tail

and i knew it was because i’d spent the day
working on a creative review of a book i loved

this rate can’t last, i reasoned
i’ll soon pass out.

two hours later, i said
Never Again.

I can’t stand insomnia.


~ by translating for peas on October 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “insomnia”

  1. I’m worried that I’ll find out who you are, and then everything will be spoiled for me. For now, though, you exhale inspiration.

  2. i suppose i could try reassure you that we’ll never meet one day, but the world is a funny and small place. who knows what might happen?

    so, instead i shall just ask that you not look for me too hard.

    and, thank you.

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