for an instant shot of adrenaline,

cut your own hair.

There’s something quite terrifying about holding a pair of scissors in your hair, having to decide how you’re going to snip it all off.

[It’s quite a delicious feeling, actually, if you’re into a little bit of terror.

So’s the exhilaratingly panicked feeling of crisis that descends when you’re bent head-over the bathtub and you realize that the pair of scissors you’re using is actually quite blunt. And that hacking isn’t the best way to the style you had in mind.]

Aaah, yah. We’ve all got to live a little. Why go to the hairdresser for a bad haircut, when you can do it yourself?

Life lesson #649273: DON’T use a pair of dull scissors when cutting your own hair! Unless you like doing a bit of repair work


~ by translating for peas on October 12, 2009.

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