the metaphor, magnifique

Spice: the metaphor

Description: clove-like, like garlic, but of a sticky nature that can be used to join a number of striking tastes or ingredients together

Note: like garlic, the metaphor should be used sparingly. It should be used to enhance natural tastes, instead of overwhelming the entire dish. Although one clove might not seem enough, extract maximum use of this through creativity, rather than running the risk of drowning out subtle flavours through using too many.

PS the word metaphor always reminds me of the movie, Il Postino and the following rant from Beatrice’s aunt (who’s not quite sure what poetry or metaphors are about) about the behaviour of one of Beatrice’s would-be-suitors:

Aunt: For over a month, Mario Ruoppolo has been hanging around my inn… And he has seduced my niece.
Pablo Neruda: What did he say?
Aunt: Metaphors.
Pablo Neruda: Well?
Aunt: He’s heated her up like an oven with his metaphors!


~ by translating for peas on October 17, 2009.

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