red hot chili pepper, ooh la la

Condiment: chilli pepper paste – perfect for yummy Asian food.

Looks like: fiery red sludge.

Best used: sparingly.

Note: When doubtful about how much chili pepper paste to mix into a dish, a bad measure would be to judge by colour. The aim is NOT to get the dish the same shade of red as the stand-alone sauce – in fact, your tastebuds will probably thank you if the dish was merely a pale shade of ochre.


If only I’d thought of this before I let my eyes dictate the meal’s composition. Burny, burny, hot, hot, hot!

Life lesson #452: the colour of chilli pepper paste should act serve a warning, not as a potential colour to be used in the visual presentation of your meal!

~ by translating for peas on October 19, 2009.

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