i’d like world peace… and hot showers

Some people have alarm clocks. Other have coffee. I have hot showers.

Some mornings I only wake up because of the power of warm water
to wash away yesterday’s grime, hurtful words,
stillborn dreams, sweat, yesterday’s sunset,
and last night’s darkness.

Other mornings I wake up because playing with soap in a deluge of warm water is, above all else, fun.

I’ve also noticed, that if I’m miserably sick and stuck in bed for a couple of days (like I have been a number of times this year, yuck), I have no desire to have a shower during the worst of it. But I know I’m going to make it when I finally wake up one morning and realize that I’m absolutely filthy gross and desperately need to jump into the shower, so

hot showers have become a reminder for me that:
today, I want to live.


~ by translating for peas on October 22, 2009.

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