– you haven’t told me a story in ages, he said

– oh? oh. i can’t really think of anything new. you want to take a turn?, she replied
– i don’t think i’ll be any good at this, but i’ll give it a shot. how do I begin again?
– once upon a time.
– right. right. then, okay.

“Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was tall, goodlooking and brave like all the other little boys of once-upon-a-time-stories, but there were times when he didn’t feel like someone special. On those days, he’d wake up feeling… ordinary. No, not ordinary, average. Just another grain of sand on the beach, nothing spectacular at all. On those days, he’d wish that he had someone in his life who he could be with. Not that he didn’t have friends or family – he did. I’m making him sound like a loser, but he was actually one of those guys who got on very well with people – if he wanted to. But every now and then he’d feel as though there was someone missing – someone who he didn’t have to explain himself to, someone who he could just sit with and not have to talk to until he felt like it, someone who just understood him. You know, a girl.”

– aah, the love interest. does he find her?
– am i telling the story, or are you?
– sorry.

“Anyway, to cut a long story short, he finally met her one day. She was beautiful, funny, caring, kind, and smart. Pretty cool, you know.”

– and then they fell in love and lived happily ever after, right?
– ….No. it’s not that kind of story. stop interrupting.
– sorry.

“And then they fell in love, and she broke his heart. The End.”

– what? that’s crap!
– what? why?
– you know why! they can’t just fall in love and then have her break his heart. what the hell is that?
– that’s the story i wanted to tell.
– no man, you can’t just leave it there.
– watch me.
– …………..
– ……..
– ………….
– …
– …..
– .
– fine, you win. but i’m telling the next story


~ by translating for peas on November 1, 2009.

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