alarm clocks aren’t always a bad thing

And just like that, she awoke. How had it happened so quickly? Automatically, she started a mental check of the list of things that could’ve gone wrong, the list of potential changes in her body that would have subconsciously triggered a wake-up call, but then she heard the alarm. She slowly exhaled. She’d made it through another night. Not bothering to turn the alarm off, she lay there listening to the generic techno beat. She should probably think about changing the tune to something worth getting out of bed for, but that would take effort. And effort meant energy wasted, so she pushed the thought aside. Breathing open-mouthed now so that she could feel the exaggerated movements of her chest, she tried to remember what time she’d set the alarm for. Oh yes, 3:47. A bit early perhaps, but yesterday had been so awful, she’d wanted to be awake as early as possible today just to reassure herself that yes, she was still alive.

Not that it mattered much. If yesterday was anything to go by, her body was deteriorating at a far faster rate than anyone had anticipated. Not even she had thought it would be like this – she, who’d gotten used to being the most cynical person at any gathering. And look at how far cynicism had gotten her. Realizing that her chest had lost its comforting up and down rhythm and was suddenly feeling rather tight, she stopped that line of thought, and concentrated on her breathing again. She should’ve just carried on sleeping. She should’ve just carried on sleeping.

~ by translating for peas on November 3, 2009.

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