before parting


The days before parting
(lose their hazy endings
and smokey beginnings
that smoothed over the ragged edges
of time passing

And) grow cooler
With the clarity
Of frozen moments
Stolen from
A future
Without each other


we start
practising for the
day that
will separate who we
used to be from
who I/you will be


our words grind
with an anger
(not at each other
but) at each other’s
absent self in lonely rooms
of the future

that our present selves
are already breaking up into
pieces of mementoes
to be carried away in pockets
and bags and jackets
and hearts

and our smiles get lighter
flying off at the slightest
movement of words

while our words shrink
under a crippling pressure
to be said
before they
one day find
into a world
without you

and our hearts grow heavier
as we pack them full with things
unsaid, memories grabbed at haphazardly
and the history that finds itself
suddenly pressing down
every thing we do

so it is:
the days before parting
we no longer treasure,
but begin to hate

~ by translating for peas on November 5, 2009.

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