sometimes i don’t understand fashion magazines

I wonder how the girl on p.57 in this month’s Cosmo
And the girl on p.62 would get along if they ever met –

Girl on p.57: I heard my father killling my mother and sister
while I lay huddled in a room
next door

Girl on p.62, not too be outdone:
But at least this season’s colours are
perfect for expressing
a serious and intense glamour

Girl no.57, trying hard to understand Girl no.62:
But what colours could ever scrub
their screams off my eardrums
or this heavy feeling of guilt that squeezes my heart
Every time I breathe
reminding me that I am alive
without them

Girl no.62:
If you take better care of yourself, you’d feel
Better about life. And I think Deep turqouise would go perfectly with
Your dark eyes and
that gorgeous tortured look you’ve cultivated

Girl.57: Don’t you understand?
I did not ask for this.

Girl.62: Don’t be ridiculous. Millions of girls around the world would
die to look the way you do
And that skinny waif look you’ve got going on
: Priceless.

Girl.57: Why did you ask me to tell you my story if
you’re not going to listen to a word I said?

Girl 62: You’re just in a bad space of negativity right now! Count your blessings you look so beautiful.


~ by translating for peas on November 9, 2009.

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