– are you ready?, she asked

– ready for what?, he asked back.
– i’ve finally fixed your story.
– it didn’t need fixing.
– just listen.

“Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was tall, goodlooking and brave like all the other little boys of once-upon-a-time-stories, but there were times when he didn’t feel like someone special. On those days, he’d wake up feeling… ordinary. No, not ordinary, average. Just another grain of sand on the beach, nothing spectacular at all.”

– you didn’t fix anything! it’s pretty much exactly what i said!
– listen.

“Fastforward. And then one day he met her. She was nothing like he’d imagined, but that made her even more amazing. She carried bubble mixture on her, and when she got tense she blew bubbles. She didn’t get angry or scared like everyone else did when he drove a little crazy – instead, she laughed. She read poetry, and she read it to him. She always looked beautiful, but she didn’t worry about her clothes or her appearance like all the other girls he knew. She looked at him when he told her a story, and she’d focus so carefully on what he was saying, that he felt as if he was the most interesting person in the world. When they walked next to each other, their hands would swing side by side, and he’d make sure that every now and then, they’d touch. And when she smiled at him, he knew that he was King of the World. ”

– when she breaks his heart, it’s going to be even worse now. and she is still going to break his heart, you know.
– wait.

“One day, they were sitting on a park bench underneath a huge old oak tree, when he decided to tell her that he really was just average. He had to be sure she understood. She turned to him as he started speaking in a low, soft tone, but when he finished, she said nothing. He hadn’t been able to look at her while he was talking, but eventually he looked up because the silence frightened him. She reached out her hand, and gently, so sweetly, stroked his right cheek with her thumb. Just once. Then she let her hand drop, and they carried on sitting there, just looking at each other. But in that one gesture, he knew that everything was going to be all right.

“But what about her, you ask? She’d also been looking for him. Sometimes when she was at a party, she’d feel a bit lost halfway during the evening, no matter how amazing the evening was. Sometimes when she was with her friends, she felt as though there was someone missing. But being with him, she always felt as if she was in the right place, with the right person. She loved that she could talk to him about anything, and that he asked questions to show that he’d been listening. He made up stories for her. He let her sit with her feet up on the seat, even at posh restaurants. He got lost on the way to parties, so that they could spend just a little bit more time together. He didn’t let her win the whole time, like everyone else did, but would argue with her about important things. And so, when they walked next to each other, their hands would swing side by side, and she’d make sure that every now and then, they’d touch.”

– what are you doing? now her heart’s also going to get broken! with my version, at least it happened quickly, and only to one person.
– sure. but life is full of carnage. now at least, we understand a bit more about our little boy and little girl.

~ by translating for peas on November 24, 2009.

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