a visit to the fresh food market

Prawn and avocado on bruschetta with tangy mayonnaise sauce. Giant carrot muffins with crushed pecan nut icing. Iced berry smoothies. Barbecued mushroom skewers. Gingerbread men with chocolate eyes and jellytot noses. Chicken schwarmas stuffed with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili sauce.

It was like walking through the pages of a Jamie Oliver cookbook. But even better, for here it was not only my eyes that could feast, but also my stomach. My friend and I went ooohing and aahing and scrounging from all the free tasters we could. But as stall after stall displayed its wares, I felt increasingly confused: how would I eventually choose something to eat when there was so much to choose from? Savoury or sweet? Local or international? A big meal or nibbles? Moreover, once the big choices were made, there were smaller differences to decide between: This stall offered olive paste with chili, while that stall offered olive paste with cashew nuts. Did I prefer chicken or beef in my schwarma? An all-berry smoothie, or a strawberry one? Eventually overwhelmed by the mass of smells, tastes and sights, I finally suggested that we leave.

“But you haven’t bought anything to eat”, my friend said. There must have been a slight panic in my eyes at this, for she paused thoughtfully. Then, as we passed a farm stall stocked with fresh fruit and produce, “I know. What about an apple?”

Life lesson #415: A good friend is someone who, in the face of amazingly sophisticated and wonderful choices at the food market, suggests you buy an apple.

Life lesson #416: You are blessed with a good friend, if you buy the apple because she’s guessed right that all you need is something simple.


~ by translating for peas on January 27, 2010.

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