just like the movies

What are your greatest wishes/hopes when meeting a new person?
Write a poem that answers this question

the movies tell me
that when i am to meet That Stranger one day
: i will fall in love with him

it’s certain (i’m sure)
for i am the typical quirky outcast

who’s shy and beholden to shadows,
steps over cracks in pavements,
collects sugar sachets from coffee shops,
sits on park swings at twilight

films love me
(or rather, my misery)

for i’ve been a mainstream star before,
when every guy i met
was a possible Prince Charming,
and finally, love exploded
in a romcom
(nobody warned me: the script had changed)

in place of “happily ever after”
my ending was cut up into
flashbacks, troubled
nights, and a hero
who disappeared with the
rolling screen credits

i sidle on the edges of
life’s celluloid, hoping never again
to be more than an extra,
determined not to be a
happy statistic
(“that one,
yes, her,
her life was
just like in the movies”)

so, Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome,
please don’t meet me today

: I cannot fall in love again

“The god-da** movies. They can ruin you. I’m not kidding.”
– Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye


~ by translating for peas on February 20, 2010.

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