if only all men were the same


It would be okay, if all men were the same
– if all of them were liars, cheaters, bastards, infidels –

Then we would bravely take what came to us
and not feel (through the tears, and the tissues
and the hours spent dying) as though
This was not what we deserved

As though we had been robbed


Perhaps, then, I wouldn’t have memorized
Niels Dahl’s words found in a magazine interview,
borrowing from other people’s happiness
what was never mine:

My favourite view in the world is my wife’s face. It is always so astounding to me, that she is smiling and I am so happy. My second is the view of the sea from our house, but as long as my wife’s face is in the foreground.

(and later with a pang, wonder if I
remembered it

PS I read of these words in a 2009 issue of Intellgent Life, but they’ve been rewritten by memory’s hand. I also can’t quite remember if it was Niels Dahl who was interviewed.


~ by translating for peas on February 23, 2010.

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