no other way

When your mind is a mess
So is mine

And know that if I knew
All of the answers I would
Not hold them from you

– Jack Johnson’s No Other Way

~ by translating for peas on May 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “no other way”

  1. i discovered that song in the same week you posted this. i posted these exact lyrics 11 may. maybe we were both humming it in the streets that week.

    keep writing, tfp.

  2. and maybe, on a particularly rainy day, one girl with a red umbrella and one girl with a broken pencil walked past each other, humming it at the same time… and only the notes noticed, melodies intertwined and harmonized in joy for a brief moment, and then were separated as their respective owners walked on…

    maybe 🙂

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