the loveliest compliment i ever received

came after a long week.

surely all weeks are the same, you might protest. sure, they say that time is mechanical, ticked off and meted out in perfect little mirror measurements – a minute today is the same as a minute tomorrow is the same as a minute last year. they forget to mention, however, that units of time are made up of different textures – one minute stretches like bubblegum, another deflates like a balloon, still another curls like a stray strand of hair.

i can’t remember what exactly had gone wrong, but i remember that it was a hard week – granite, rough, gray.

we went out dancing – i’d long last been, though i love it. and at a club, we ended up standing quite close to some older guys. forty. drunk. creepy, i thought. later that night, one of them came closer to me. crap. but he kept his distance, started talking to my friend. then he paused, turned to me and almost shyly said

you dance so carefree

and at that moment, i loved him for not seeing my granite arms, or my stumpy legs, my rocky heart, or my heavy feet. but me, inside, flying.


~ by translating for peas on July 18, 2010.

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