i had coffee with a boy the other day

nothing unusual in that.

i lie.

if it had been the same old usual, i wouldn’t be typing this right now.

he was lovely, different, fresh: green-brown eyes that lit up when he got excited, shy cheeks that flushed a little. and as we walked around afterwards, in the summer sun that had decided to show its face a little early into the winter morning, i remembered a little what it was like to be just a girl spending some time with just a boy.

no baggage, no dreams, no hurt, no future together, no past. just the present.

he’s not going to be ‘the one’, or even ‘a one’, i realized afterwards, as i caught myself trying to set him up with various friends mentally, but

it’s a start.


~ by translating for peas on August 28, 2010.

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