only for you

the Fray’s busy playing. it’s ironic how the name of the band describes the state of my memories.



they’re coming undone.

i’ve lost some memories along the way, but every now and then a treasure unthreads and falls into my lap and i remember something i’d loved about us.

When the winds come and they blow
When the rains turn to sleet and snow
When the waters rage at the sea
Bitter cold but you warm me
Only you, only you

the night I waited five hours for you.

i was exhausted. all i wanted to do was talk to you, but you were late. you’d said wait. and so i lay in bed, waiting for your call. and soon half an hour become one, one became two, two became eternity, and all i’d ever known was a little sad voice saying don’t fall asleep, he’s coming now. he’s coming now. just hold on. when you finally came, you asked but why didn’t you go to sleep? as though that was an option.

How could that’ve been an option, when you’d said wait?

It’s for you, I walk through a storm
It’s for you, I lay me down
It’s for you, I walk through a storm
It’s for you, I lay me down

our millionth fight.

the longer things went on, the more we had little fights about nothing. it was our way of saying to each other that we hated being apart. it was our way of having something that hurt that we could fix – while there was nothing we could do about the distance between us, apologies to each other made things better. unfortunately, it meant taking things out on each other.

we made up, and you were finally telling me about your day. heavy storms. rushing through wind and sludge and heaps of snow. winter. ugly. cold. hard. winter. but what kept you going, you said… here you pause. it’s scary being vulnerable, especially when it’s someone you’ve just fought with.. what? i asked.

what keeps me going every single night as i push on home through the dark.. through the snow.. it’s going to sound silly.. i just imagine that every step i take is bringing me closer to you. every step. and then it’s not so bad.

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you
When you call I’ll be right there
I’ll turn my world right around for you
Don’t you see?

– The Fray It’s for you

~ by translating for peas on March 11, 2011.

One Response to “only for you”

  1. Thank you so much for resuming writing. I’m going to read them one by one 🙂

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