never date a writer

“Never date a writer… She’ll write about things you have done to her or things you never did for her.”

– Alex Stephens

Dear Alex

I read your piece ‘Never Date A Writer‘ and almost cried. Mainly because you’re right. Then I felt a strange desire to laugh. Mainly because you’re right.

Here’s to you and to your writing. Here’s for revealing her secrets, and for revealing his. Here’s for reminding me that it was never my story, nor his, but rather, ours.

I’ve done what I can to him, as vindictively as my broken heart allows me to be. At the same time, my words are limited by a heart that still remembers what it’s like to love him. A tenderness, a bitterness, a heartsore, a joy, a tear, a smile: yes, these are all mine to share.

And once all is written, I sit alone in the dim of my living room, and read.

You’ll sit alone on that couch where you made love to her and you won’t move and the glass of whiskey on the table will not be touched. You won’t get up to turn up the lights and you won’t get up to use the restroom even though you have to. You’ll sit in the dim of your living room. And you will read.


~ by translating for peas on March 26, 2011.

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