the posts on sea weed blues are written in a number of styles and genres, so here follows an explanation of each category for those who are looking for something specific..

even winter loves a sunray
content: posts that are more lighthearted and humorous in tone
style: poetry, prose mixture

fiction is a truth lit by lies
content: pieces of creative writing
style: prose

images caught in slow motion
content: pieces of creative writing
style: poetry

life oh life
content: ‘real life’ events or musings
style: poetry, prose mixture

love and her fandamily
content: everything i blog about pertaining to love and her kin
style: poetry, prose, quotes mixture

once upon a time
content: a he and she take turns telling stories. although each of the posts stand alone, they’re best read chronologically
style: conversational/dialogue, once-upon-a-time narrative

reasons not to write
content: i kept on coming up with reasons not to write – this is my collection. sometimes, i slip in a ‘reason to write’
style: poetry, prose mixture

treasure chest
content: little discovered things that add colour to a monotone day
style: poetry, prose mixture

we learn these lessons as we go along
content: a mixture of serious, comical, nonsensical, practical life lessons
style: prose, poetry mixture

words to slip into your pocket
content: thoughts, sentences, phrases or words that should be carried on your person
style: quotes

content: some of my favourite posts
style: mixture

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