forget me not

you can already feel the cool of a different climate enter my voice, chilling my usual friendliness. we don’t see each other as much as we used to, as though the rain has smudged your name in my diary; sometimes it becomes a foggy humidity trapping the clock in the beginnings of our friendship when we were just two people who walked past each other.

you ask me if i’m mad with you, if you’ve done something wrong. when i say no, you ask then why i’ve been avoiding you.

how do i tell you, i’m silent because of you. i’m preparing you for the days when i won’t be here to have tea with, when i won’t be here to laugh at your jokes, when i won’t be here to keep you company on long drives. i’m slowly erasing my name from your future, giving you time to find another me, another her. i’m leaving early, so that when i leave, i’ll already have been long gone.

i see you laughing with her, and i hope it’s working. forget me not tomorrow; forget me now.


~ by translating for peas on September 11, 2011.

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